Thursday, March 25, 2010

If You Haven't Already, Check These Out!

Thursdays are my crazy days so I haven't had much time to write a "real" post, but, I thought I would take some time to note a couple of entries from fellow bloggers that you might have missed:

Natalie's 2010 MTNA Conference Blog Index
Natalie blogged about each of the sessions she sat in on at this year's MTNA conference in Albuquerque. (I hope I spelled that right!) Lots of good stuff!

Joy's List of The Best Piano Jokes
I'm kind of enjoying slipping these jokes into my lessons!

Laura's Post on Creating Our Own Variations
This one is of particular interest to me this week, as I'm making all of my students begin composing their own music, and then taking techniques like transposition and variation to them. Some of them weren't too thrilled at first, but they're getting into it now!

The Teaching Studio's "Something Fun for Your Waiting Area"
I love picture books about musical topics, so I loved this blog entry! I have a few favorites, too, that I'll be sharing with y'all sometime in the not so distant future!

Do any of you have any blog entries you'd like to add to the list?

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