Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A St. Patrick's Day Game

This is a kind of (read: very) cheesy game that I made up for my students. They LOVED playing it, though. (They are so easy to please!) I loved the fact that it encouraged them to learn their notes so quickly!

Things you will need:

  1. Your handy scale blocks
  2. This printable gameboard, created by yours truly
  3. Leprechaun coins

Note: My Leprechaun coins are not actually from Leprechauns. (Shh! Don't tell my students!) They are actually sequins - 20mm gold sequins created by Darice to be specific. You can, of course substitute whatever you wish, but do not attempt to make Leprechaun coins by painting a bag of small wooden disks with gold acrylic paint. I may have tried this, and I may have lived to regret it.

To Play:

1. Decide which of the following notes you want to reinforce:
  • Treble Clef Lines
  • Treble Clef Spaces
  • Bass Clef Lines
  • Bass Clef Spaces
2. Lay out your gameboard, toss all of your scale blocks into a container, and pull out your Leprechaun coins. (Making a great show of the coins as if they are magic is optional, but I prefer it!)

3. Have students draw from the scale blocks, and place their Leprechaun coins on the corresponding rainbow lines or spaces. (i.e. If you decide to reinforce treble clef lines, and the student draws a "B" block, they will place the coin on the third line of the rainbow. Conversely, if you've decided to reinforce bass clef spaces and the student draws a "B" block, they should throw it back in the box and draw another.) Clear as mud?

4. The first line or space to reach the pot of gold (or the line or space with the most coins when time is up) "wins."

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