Friday, March 5, 2010

Five Things Every Teacher Should Have: Business Cards

When I started teaching, I printed my business cards on the perforated, print-and-tear cards. I held off as long as I could in having cards professionally printed due to the expense. However, these days, I have professionally printed cards that I love, and I use my print-and-tear cards for making music games. The best part? The cards cost me very little!

Enter Vistaprint. Using their website, I was able to quickly and easily "design" my cards (and by design, I mean, choose my background and enter my information) and save myself a bunch of hassle and struggling with my printer.

(Rest assured, my last name and phone number ARE on my actual card!)

Now, typically I would not recommend getting Vistaprints free cards, as they have the Vistaprint logo on the back (henceforth, making them look less professional, in my opinion) however, they are currently offering the special that I got my cards on - 250 premium cards for free! (Except the cost of shipping.) They have tons of fabulous designs! You can find out about this deal HERE.

However, I thought I'd also pinpoint two other websites that offer business cards - keep in mind, though, that I have no personal experience with these companies. (However, if you do, please feel free to chime in with your comments!)

Zazzle has some really awesome business card designs. In fact, I am almost tempted to order my next set of business cards from them! They even have some MySpace and Facebook themed business cards (though I certainly do not recommend those for teachers trying to send a professional message!)

Moo also has business cards and mini cards that are to die for, and I've heard pretty good things about this company. They're a little bit more expensive, but they look like they might be worth it, depending on your taste.

So, there you go, a couple of options for business cards... hopefully I've inspired you to get out and get creative!

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