Saturday, May 30, 2009

Check This Out! -

I am completely addicted to iTunes. I purchase so much music that I'm afraid it may have killed my last computer. However, now that iTunes is straying from their $0.99 downloads and it's becoming increasingly harder for me to find what I want, I'm having to find other outlets! Today, while searching for a piece of music I couldn't seem to find anywhere, I remembered to try the digital downloads at

One word: Wow.

I think from this point forward I will probably be buying ALL of my music at Amazon. Go check it out for yourself! They have an amazing amount of (100% legal) FREE music, as well as a ton of inexpensive classical music. It's a great way to build your music library!

Case in point:

Then, try searching "Classical," and sort the results by price. There's even a ton of FREE stuff! You may have to click around, but I was able to download several free jazz samplers, as well as some music from around the world this afternoon!


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